About us

Imarkets website proudly Australian. 

This site was created for the needs of the Australian Business and not multinationals profits.

Imarkets is the new kid on the block and understands the needs and wants of the individual and small business. Many are fed up of the treatment that has been handed down by the big players if they don't comply.
Here at Imarkets we don't restrict or limit your account if you don't use Paypal or don't use Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W.
Imarkets does not lower your search standing, its equal across the board.

We have taken the good the bad the best and the worst key elements of other online auction websites and combined them into our leading platform.
Best of all Imarkets also caters for indoor and outdoor markets located in Australia.
Transparency is a must in today's market, like GST, Returns Policy and Term and Conditions from the seller and our website make it important that everything is clear and most of all in plain English.
Payment options is now in the hands of the seller not the auction site. Sellers may choose any method of payment as they wish even *Bedrock Dollars.
One key feature of our site is the advertising of your own website in your listing, we endorse it, we encourage it, we want you to grow just as we want to grow....
Plus the added advantage for outdoor and indoor Market stall holders to have a presence online in addition to their stall at many of the Australian Markets.

Sit Back Relax and enjoy buying or selling on Imarkets Australia's Online Market Place.

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