News and Updates

Welcome to our News and Updates:

Added 6/5/2022
Automatic Feedback system added to website, if buyers or sellers don't provide feedback within 21 days the system will generate
a positive feedback for both parties.
Payment gateways option now have been changed to only allow Paypal, Stripe, and Bank Deposit for a simpler experience for buyers and sellers, all other payment option have been removed.

Added: 22/10/2020
Server Upgrade finalized for a faster experience and workload handling.

Added: 10/07/2020
Our website has undergone many updates and fixes to better our platform, as a result there may be some issues until finalised.

Added: 09/06/2020

Seller Credit now Available.
Imarkets Domain and Webhosting service added to website.  

Added: 21-03-2020

Ebay listing Importer for sellers who want an additional marketplace.
Escrow Service for buyer and sellers.
$10 sign up credit promotion now finished.
Sellers offering Mod discs ( Public domain movies ) can be sold in safety as items are allowed on Imarkets.
For the rest of the month of March 2020 Featured Store Accounts see 50 % of All Final value fees for one year.
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