Common Answers to Questions.

(1) Is This website Australian Own and operated.
Yes it is and Proudly Australian.

(2) Imarkets buyer protection, How does this work

If the buyer and seller use Paypal for the payment for the transaction its already covered.
Contact Paypal if you did not receive your item or item is not as described.
New feature installed Sellers Credit, send payments direct from buyers account to the seller.
Don't receive your item, get your money back, Contact imarkets Support. 

(3) What payment methods are allowed on Imarkets.
Any and all payment methods are available between the buyer and seller.

(4) Do i have to use Free Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W.
Absolutely not you can use any carrier you wish, you will not be penalised in any way.

(5) Do i have to offer free post.
Absolutely not, you will not be penalised in any way.

(6) Will Imarkets hold payments for 21 days for any Paypal sales.
Absolutely not, payments are between the buyer and seller if Paypal Is used. 

(7) Can I advertise my website on my listings and store.
Yes you can, Imarkets encourages it, we want you to grow so we can too, as long as its your online store, abuse of this will have listing cancelled.

(8) What can I Sell on Imarkets.
Anything can be bought or sold provided its legal in Australia, with the exemption of Adult Sex toys or xxx Rated movies.
Imarkets is family orientated. Mod Discs Dvd-R also known as Manufactured on Demand or Public Domain are allowed as long as the listing states it. 

(9) Do i need to open a store to sell on Imarkets.

Only if you list more than 15 items. Free Store Available.

(10) Can i Sell downloadable products, like Ebooks , Website Templates and Game Codes.
Yes you can, Imarkets support downloadable digital products.
Can be selected when listing an item and offers a download button for the end user once the payment has been approved.
Game Codes can be emailed to the buyer.

(11) In the event i sell a product that may infringe trademark or copyright of another entity what process handling does Imarkets take.
Imarkets take's trademark and copyright violations very seriously. Imarkets will not remove your product, or service without first notifying you. We do not shoot and then ask questions later and then let the seller talk to a brick wall, we are human here.  Our approach is to avoid conflict and false misrepresentation of origin. All notifications from rights owners must be in writing with their paperwork showing ownership and copyright.

(12) Why do you charge to use your website as others are free.
Many sites that have opened up that offer free service have either closed down or fill your inbox with spam and junk mail and target you adds, and that's how they fund their site.
Costumer service, server, hosting, software and updates needs to paid for, a stable and reliable service comes at a cost, even that said imarkets has the lowest final value fees around.

(13) Gst and how does it work on
All Account and service fees on Imarkets is now shown without Gst.
Gst will be added on invoice at payment time. Currently set at 10 % and may change without notice, according to tax laws.
All sales of items on our website include Gst by law. Sellers are responsible for Gst reporting for local or international sales.
Imarkets does not collect Gst, Vat, and Taxes from sales to forward on to relevant tax departments. 

(14) Do i need a ABN number to sell on
It is not required from our end and we do not ask for it. However it is the sellers responsibility to abide by the tax laws in their country.

(15) Are international buyers and sellers able to use
Yes they are and are welcome. All pricing in Australian Dollars Only.

(16) If i sell a certain amount do you forward that information to the Tax office.
No we do not, no information is given at all to any department about our buyers and sellers.

(17) I signed up for an account but my verification email has not arrived in my inbox.
(A) Please check that Imarkets is on your safe senders list.
(B) That the email did not go into your spam folder.
(C) If you are currently using a yahoo free or paid account you will not receive the verification email as yahoo have major problems with their service and is beyond our control please use other free or paid email services. eg Gmail.
Please note that if you send us an email requiring support and are using yahoo, Imarkets will not receive it. 
Please use our contact form for communication, and regularly check you mail section in your account for messages.

Imarkets Australia's Online Marketplace is a registered Trademark.