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Free Email account at iMarket's

A free email account at a iMarket's is a service that combines the convenience of digital communication.

Designed for buyers and sellers, this email account offers a platform to stay updated on the latest releases, special offers, and exclusive content from  iMarket's marketplace. This free email account is a gateway to a comprehensive experience, offering a blend of communication and entertainment tailored for the digital age. 

Who can apply: Registered buyers and sellers from iMarket's.
Requirements: 2 verified purchases or sales.
A verified and active account in good standing order. 
Limits: 1 email address per account.
How to apply: Login into your account and send a message through the support desk.
Naming of email: Email will be created using your username registered on our website.
Eg: Username moviemadness  - email address created
Webmail domain:

Email use is exclusive to iMarket's use only.

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